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UpSmart is a finance and business strategy consulting practice in the Philippines. We help startups and family businesses leverage corporate structure, legal framework and business model to enable sustainable growth.

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How do you turn financial information into actionable insights?

Our Story

We started UpSmart with a question in mind: How do you turn financial information into actionable insights? Many business decisions go wrong because founders fail to analyse the financial implications of their decisions. From our consulting experience, we knew that financial analysis is tedious and information are usually not helpful at all whatever size the company is.

Businesses can easily get an accountant or bookkeeper to help them with the routine work at a fractional cost and usually comes with a beautiful dashboard. However, these information are likely irrelevant to businesses unless the founders are financial adept at analysing financial information. That's where we come in.

We are a consulting firm focusing on finance business partnership. We provide you with continuous support from day one by working with you to interpret the financial information and relate them to your business as if we are your financially-savvy team member.

The founders

Filbert Richerd N. Ng Tsai

Filbert Richerd N. Ng Tsai

Chief Strategist

Filbert is the founder and chief strategist of UpSmart. He works with founders to develop corporate structures and financial strategies.

Prior to UpSmart, he was a consulting manager at Ernst & Young LLP in the United Kingdom. He is recognized as a go-to-expert in the field of strategic accounting and corporate structuring and restructuring.
0917 872 2001

Juvy Andrea S. Rocafor

Juvy Andrea S. Rocafor

Chief Analyst

Juvy is the founder and chief analyst of UpSmart. She prepares the analysis and management reports for our clients.

Prior to UpSmart, she was a senior associate at SyCip Gorres Velayo & Co. and a financial analyst at D&V Outsourcing, Inc. She understands the ins and outs of management reporting and has worked with clients across the globe.
0929 5744 934

Who we are

What we do

What makes a business decision great?

At the heart of each business decision is a strategy. Building a great business strategy is an iterative but agile process. It's not just about getting a great go-to-market strategy or finding the best ways to execute the strategy as at the end of the day, only financially sensible strategies contribute to the business.

We understand the challenges faced by startups and traditional businesses. We work with founders and entrepreneurs to create their business strategy for long-term growth by supporting them from ideation to execution, from business to financial perspective while creating the structure necessary to protect the company from business risks.

Where do we fit in your organization?

UpSmart is a nimble finance department within your company. For startups without a finance department we will be your finance department and our leaders will work with founders directly as part of a management team. For larger businesses, we will be there to help your finance department become better business partners to the wider business.

We work with you, your team, your company and your accountants. Our role as finance business partner allows us access to your accounting information as well as non-financial information around the business. We will do our wonder and you'll always get a great analysis from us and better input into your business.

How do we add value to your business?

Easy, you get a full blown strategic finance department. We understand that you can get cheap accounting services and you are satisfied that all your compliance requirements are met. But have you thought about the value you are getting from your service provider?

The answer is simple, traditional accounting services are good and easy way to comply and maintain your books, but that's it. Understanding the financial information is more than just staring at a financial dashboard that comes with the accounting software, the power of financial analytics lies in the marriage of financial and non-financial information and understanding the meaning of specific metrics and tailored dashboards.

As your finance business partner, we work with your accounting service provider to obtain financial information while actively working with you to understand your business needs. We are your on-call business consultant, financial analyst and everything you expect from a functioning finance department.

What makes us different

We are the first company providing finance business partnership to startups and traditional businesses. We understand the different facets of business and our consultants are well experienced in advising companies and finance executives in developing business strategy.

We are not accountants dealing with your day-to-day financial transactions. We work with your accountants or bookkeepers hand-in-hand to obtain timely information and converting the financial information into easily understandable information.

We are partners working with you in whatever capacity you want us in. We can be your guide in doing business, your support in business decisions, and your devil's advocate during meetings. Our leaders will be there with you whenever you need us.

We are not software providers who sells you software. We use advanced analytical methods to understand your financial information and longstanding experience to interpret the results. Selling what should have been part of the service is not what we do.

What we do

Our core


We started UpSmart on one precept - partnership. Our business model is simple, we work with you as part of your team. We work directly with you, your team and your company in creating long-term strategy as your hard core finance team. It’s about creating value for your business while protecting what you already have.

Holistic advisory

UpSmart is composed of smart people from diverse backgrounds and we are proud to say that we don't call ourselves experts or specialists. Finance business partnership is not about delivering accounting services or purely finance support, it's about understanding how financial information affects the strategy of your business.

Our Core



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